Become an AVI Geek!

We’re passionate about what we teach and what we ski. We take pride in delivering informative, hands-on avalanche courses. We know better avalanche savvy equals better days in the mountains, and we certainly aim to have fun while we learn! So join us this winter and get your avalanche geek on.

Learn with the geeks...  

Why you need Avalanche Kung Fu?

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Avalanches are a complex subject. Anyone who thinks they’re safe to ride in the backcountry because they’ve attended a two hour avalanche safety lecture are frankly kidding themselves. Canada and the United States has been offering evaluated, structured avalanche education to keen skiers & climbers who want to be responsible for their own safety for many years now. We offer formalised education that conforms to the American Avalanche Assoc. (AAA) guidelines here in Europe. By working through a series of courses, to a level that matches your backcountry goals, you can build upon basic knowledge, leaving you with an appropriate skill set to stay safe. We created the popular Avalanche Kung Fu series of educational videos as learning tools on our courses.

Our Instructors


Mike Austin and Bruce Goodlad are Professional Members of the American Avalanche Association (AAA). They personally deliver all Avalanche Geek courses. Bruce Goodlad is also the Technical Director of the British Mountain Guides (BMG) and delivers avalanche education to trainee guides. Bruce and Mike offer courses that fully conform to AAA guidelines in relation to content and teaching standards that run throughout the winter in the Alps and the Cairngorm Mountains of the Scottish Highlands. Between them Bruce and Mike have climbed and skied on all seven continents. We know snow!

Kit you need

In the past few years there has been some significant advances in the usability and quality of avalanche equipment. The biggest advances being with the development of three antenna digital avalanche transceivers and balloon (airbag) rucksacks. Everyone has their favourite piece of equipment. Click onto our Avalanche Kit page where you can find our thoughts on what kit we like to use and what kit you will need to bring along to our courses.