How to prepare for your Level 1 Avalanche Course

Open this post and then click below to be directed to a link to Backcountry Magazine where they have a great article on how to choose a quality avalanche education provider and what preparation you should be doing  in order to get the very most from your course.

BCA Tracker 3 First Look

At Avalanche Geeks we have been lucky enough to have a first look at the new BCA Tracker 3 digital avalanche transceiver. The brief BCA set themselves was to make a smaller lighter 3 antenna unit that was easier to use in a multiple burial situation. BCA were shooting for something the size of an iphone 4, they haven’t quite managed that but they have produced a unit that is thinner and lighter than the other comparable 3 antenna units. The proof of any transceiver is Continue reading → Continue reading →

Price is secondary to safety. Gear is secondary to wisdom

At the top of our Kit Review page you’ll find the above words. Words to live your life by if you’re involved in the avalanche avoidance game. But as with many things, as time moves on then the game changes. Trying to change the avalanche game is a small American company with some very big ideas when it comes to avalanche safety. are in the process of releasing their SP1 – a digital penetrometer that gives the user an instant snow profile beneath their Continue reading →