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It all starts here! Please complete the booking form but you must, must read the terms and conditions of booking..

Terms and Conditions of Booking
  1. If you book a trip with Mountain Adventure Company or Avalanche Geeks your booking is accepted by Mountain Adventure Company Ltd then a contract is deemed to exist between yourself and Mountain Adventure Company Ltd. Avalanche Geeks is wholly own subsidiary of Mountain Adventure Company Ltd.
  2. We require full payment of the total course fee at the time of book. Once booking is made it is non refundable should you cancel. We strongly recommend cancellation insurance is taken out at the time of your booking to cover any unforeseen circumstances such as an injury that would prevent you from attending your course.
  3. Bookings will only be confirmed when payment is received.
  4. Please note that a booking commits any client. We therefore recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.
  5. In the unlikely event of your booking being cancelled for any reason by The Mountain Adventure Company Ltd we will offer an alternative or a full refund.
  6. Personal Mountaineering rescue and medical insurance is compulsory for all clients outside of the UK. On ski courses please ensure that insurance covers off piste skiing and ski mountaineering and for climbing that cover includes roped climbing and the use of guides.
  7. Although every effort will be made to fulfil planned itineraries, weather or other circumstances may cause them to be altered at short notice.
  8. In the event of any damage or loss of loan or hire equipment the client will be responsible for repair or replacement at new cost
  9. Climbing and mountaineering are hazardous activities and to take part in them involves an acceptance of risk and of responsibility for one’s own actions. Whilst The Mountain Adventure Company always ensure a high professional standard of care, safety and instruction, neither The Mountain Adventure Company or any person working for him or with him will not held be responsible for any illness, injury or death sustained during mountain activities, nor will they be liable for any uninsured losses of your property.
  10. The Mountain Adventure Company or any person working for him or with him, reserves the right to exclude any client from participation on the planned activity if it is deemed that he or she may endanger the success of the rest of the party through lack of fitness, ill-health, poor acclimatisation, anti social behaviour or dangerous technique. No refund will be offered to those excluded.
  11. Any client who acts in contravention to the decisions or advice of The Mountain Adventure Company or any person working for or with any agents of the Mountain Adventure Company must accept responsibility for their own actions.
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