Level 2: Avalanche Processes and Mindset (AvRec2) & Rescue Module

Level 2: Avalanche Processes and Mindset (AvRec2) & Rescue Module

This course is designed as the continuation course from the Level 1 for backcountry leaders and professionals, as well as high performing winter athletes and recreational backcountry skiers desiring greater skills and knowledge. The course has 32 hours contact time over 4 days and is split between morning and evening classroom sessions and afternoon mountain sessions that take the form of a backcountry ski tour from the boundary of a local ski resort. All participants should possess and be competent on ski touring equipment. This is an advanced course and it is a pre-requirement that participants have completed a Level 1 course or work in a winter mountain environment and have a solid knowledge of avalanche fundamentals. The course follows the A3 curriculum guidelines.

This course is run in conjunction with the A3 syllabus one day Avalanche Rescue Module, providing 4 days of avalanche training in total. This is an advanced course and the pre requirement is that participants will have completed a recognised Level 1 course or work in a winter mountain environment and possess a solid knowledge of avalanche fundamentals. The course runs on ski touring/ split boarding equipment. *NEW* If conditions permit we will stay at a high mountain hut in the Mont Blanc Massif for one night. Half board is approx £60 and is not included in the above fee.

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This 4 day course exceeds the A3 Recreation Level 2 syllabus including trainer standards. It includes the following subjects:

Processes: Metamorphism (Faceting, Surface Hoar, Depth Hoar, Melt Freeze forms) and snowpack instability. Skier triggering, avalanche release and assessing instability & spatial variability. Instability assessment via observations and test results. Test profiles (snow pit), and non standard snowpack evaluation: pole test, ski test, hand shears, through to formalised Column Tests and Extended Column Tests (ECT). Human behaviours in avalanche terrain. Decision making traps and the components of risk within an avalanche context.

Observations and Forecasts: Weather and snowpack history. Trip considerations (abilities, goals, constraints). Decision tool review. Applied map skills (slope angle, alpha angle, decision points). Digital mapping tools. Public forecast interpretation and variability. Introduction to avalanche data recording.

On mountain skills. Approx 70% of this course will operate in the backcountry utilising lift access from nearby ski resorts. Travel protocols, terrain management, group management and communication tools and strategies will be used by students each day.

Avalanche Rescue: This course fully incorporates the 1 day A3 syllabus Rescue Module. Advanced beacon one to one coaching. Group rescue leadership. Multiple burial practice scenarios. Probing, shovelling strategies, Recovery of victims not wearing beacons. Common mistakes in avalanche rescue. Multiple victim beacon search strategies & techniques. The role of relevant medical assistance and emergency response in avalanche incidents. Remote & Reverse triage.

Current course details:


Date of Course: January 7th-10th 2024 inclusive
Location: St Gervais Mont Blanc, France
Course Duration: 4 days
Cost: £730
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