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It means that our courses conform fully to guidelines laid down by the American Avalanche Assoc. (AAA). Other avalanche course providers may also use the terms Level 1 and Level 2 but you should check for yourself what that actually means with them. Avalanche Geeks fully adhere to the recommended curriculum guidelines laid down for each course (level) by the American Avalanche Assoc. (AAA), in recommended content, contact hours as well as instructor standards and student ratio’s. With us you can take a single course, or progress through a series of courses that follow a syllabus recognised as a benchmark standard of avalanche education, not just in America but world wide. It means for example that you could take a Level 1 with Avalanche Geeks and a couple of years later move on to take a Level 2 from a provider such as AIARE in Colorado and your instructors will  know exactly the knowledge that you already have. This way it’s possible to build your knowledge year upon year, resulting in a very strong skill set.

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